Shop 40% OFF all watche from {{{ Coupon Code: ARBF40 }}} {{{ Product url: }}} Here at ASOROCK Watches, a title influenced by means of the breath-taking mountains in Central Nigeria, our love and affection for watches created a wish in us to make a advantageous long-lasting influence on the African continent, representing her in the luxurious watch market of the world by means of being the first international luxurious watch manufacturer out of Africa. Founded in 2018 by way of younger entrepreneurs and watch fans Ben Iroala (Nigerian American), and Andrew Mutale (Zambian American), we sought to reduce out the excessive retail markup of famous identify brands. Being avid watch lovers ourselves, who have been obsessed with watches our complete life, we had been fed up with our restricted options due to the inflated excessive mark up expenditures of famous identify brands. It additionally did not assist that we constantly felt like our series was once in no way entire (a trouble all genuine watch lovers can relate to). It stricken us even greater that we did not have a single watch from an African supply the place we have our roots. All these led to the advent of the ASOROCK vary of watches.