10% First Time Purchase of GRÝS Beef Tallow for Skin {{{ Coupon Code : FIRSTTIME }}} {{{ Website: https://grysskin.com }}}} {{{ Product Price: $28.95 }}} {{{ Discount products price: $26.06 }}} GRÝS SKIN four ounces Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Whipped Tallow Face Cream GRÝS is an all-natural grass-fed, grass-finished pork tallow based totally pores and skin cream. GRÝS is made from solely the easiest nice fats (sourced from American cows) that has been rendered at low temperatures to eliminate all of the impurities. The end result is an all-natural, smooth, creamy, nutrient-dense balm. Nearly all first peoples, from Native Americans to Australian Aboriginals understood the recuperation and soothing energy of rendered fat, additionally known as tallow. There are severa archived references to its use as a base for recovery salves, ointments, and pores and skin creams. As human beings end up greater mindful of the dangers and pores and skin irritations related with so many of the chemical compounds located in “modern” pores and skin lotions and creams, many are searching for a extra herbal (and effective) alternative. Thankfully, we solely want to seem to our ancestors for the answer! We now understand that rendered grass-fed tallow is loaded with fats soluble Vitamins A, D, K, and E. These are like super-fuels for our skin, which absorbs this herbal goodness like a sponge. But it is no longer it.