2024 January buy Signal Jammers. Shop jammers this 2024 January through, use promo code: NYE202401 to get 10% off and free shipping on any jammer purchase over $500 at Perfect Jammer. {{{ Website: https://www.perfectjammer.com }}} {{{ Coupon Code: NYE202401 }}} {{{ Product price: $779.99 }}} {{{ Discounted price: $701.99 }}} Perfectjammer Is A Professional Jammers Store, Main Business Is Various Types Of Jammers Wholesale And Retail, We Will Strive To Provide Y Block mobile phone signals within a specific range To block mobile phone signals within a specific range, a so-called mobile phone signal blocker, also known as cell phone jammer, can be used. The working principle of a mobile phone signal blocker is similar to an RF jammer, which interferes with the communication signal of the mobile phone by transmitting radio signals, thereby preventing the mobile phone from working properly within this range. Mobile phone signal blockers typically use low-power power supplies and antenna transmitters, which transmit one or more radio signals with frequencies similar to or close to the mobile phone, thereby interfering or blocking the mobile phone signal.In addition, when using this device, great caution must be exercised to ensure that it does not interfere with emergency calls and other necessary communication.