In far flung mountain highlands of Asia, a team of Buddhist monks known as the Luohan done enlightenment and ascension via meditation and pure living. In this primeval forest, the monks determined a uncommon superfood prized for its sweetness and its potential to elevate chi, or lifestyles energy. This sacred fruit was once named monk fruit and used to be used for centuries to expand chi and well-being, incomes it the nickname “The Immortals’ Fruit.” Lakanto’s mission is to convey chi to all lifestyles via developing innovative, delicious, sugar-free products. We encourage humans to attain their best possible doable in fitness and well-being by means of supporting them find out their chi. Proud Sponsor of the American Diabetes Association Lakanto is proud to be a company sponsor of the American Diabetes Association® (ADA). The ADA’s work to assist the 133 million Americans with diabetes or prediabetes is carefully aligned with Lakanto’s desires now and from our conception. Today you can also recognize Lakanto for one, or many, of our scrumptious merchandise and Monkfruit sweetener, however there was once a time when sugar-free wasn’t usually so sweet. When the founder of our company, Mr. Saraya, developed diabetes, he sought a sugar choice that didn’t have an effect on his blood glucose (blood sugar) AND tasted great. In the early 1990s, his search led him to monk fruit. He noticed its doable to resolve his hassle and to assist different human beings with diabetes. Mr. Saraya labored to carry his Monkfruit sweetener to the world and Lakanto used to be born.