Description Want to master time management to achieve your goals and better your life? Learn how by using 8 Effective Time Management Tips I’ll show you step-by-step how to manage time in small portions to get your goals met. In thought-through lessons with many examples you will learn: How to PRIORITIZE your workflow and get amazing results When to RESIST TEMPTATIONS to keep yourself on track How to conduct a SWOT ANALYSIS ON yourself so that you can accomplish goals using self-knowledge How to BREAKDOWN YOUR GOALS into mini-goals to make it easy to get your goals met Which TOOLS AND APPS to use to support managing your time productively How to CLEAN THE CLUTTER to work more efficiently Not to PUT THINGS OFF so that you can avoid procrastination Why you should NEVER GIVE so you can manage your time well even when things don\'t go well ​Whether you’re just starting to learn how to manage your time well or you\'ve tried and failed, this practical course is a great place to start! Come with a positive mindset and willingness to change behavior to gain self-discipline. These simple, practical 8 Tips to Effective Time Management will help you manage your time better so that you can accomplish the goals that always seem to be out of reach.