[Fashion Brand] A&R Co. is the ultimate luxury lifestyle brand with carefully cultivated collections, offering an array of products that inspire, excite, and express your style and individuality. [Boho Chic] Explore the variety of designer knotted headbands complete with diamond crystals, sequins or pearls to showcase your femininity. These urban looks fit any shape and size woman or girl. [Comfort matters] Like a cloud around your head, these stylish headbands will not induce headaches or discomfort. Light and airy – they look great without the weight. [Colors and Style] Match your mood and personality with a variety of neutral and cute colors that will go with any outfit and catch the eye of any admirer. Your best friend for good and bad hair days. [Wash and Wearable] Look great every day of the week. Washable and meant for multi-use, these headbands showcase your eyes and are a perfect fit with glasses.